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The vocational training, and training program, entitled “Airline Specialist” or  ‘”Aviation Management” was created to meet the growing needs of the aviation industry and airlines.

This need, for continuous training and certification of the professional skills of those employed in the dynamic sector of aviation, has led the Omega Aviation Academy to design innovative Air Training Programs and Learning-Based Combinations, interfacing theory with practice, whilst developing the applied dimension of science in the respective professional aviation fields.

The courses offered by the academy are approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Education (Accredit Level 5 for the 2 year course, and Level 3 for the 1 year course), as well as by the HCAA for an aviation course license.

The development of the program was based upon:

  • The extensive, over 50 years, experience of the Academy in the rapidly developing field of aviation,
  • The Knowledge and Experience of its instructors, but also the ever-increasing needs of the aviation organizations.

In addition, the aviation academy’s curriculum is constantly updated according to the standards and rules of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), which are the certified airline training organizations of EASA by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Duration & Modules

  1. Tourism and Air Transport Industry
  2. Travel and Aviation Marketing and Management
  3. Human factors in Aviation
  4. Airlines Organization and Operation
  5. Customer Service(Handling)
  6. Aviation Law and International Relations(EASA-IATA-UFTAA-ICAO-BSP)
  7. Airport Operation
  8. Air Fares – Ticketing
  1. Tourism and Air Transport Industry
  2. Tourist Services
  3. Travel Geography and Travel Guides
  4. Leadership
  5. Tourist Office and Airlines Organization and Operation
  6. Skills and Sales Techniques
  7. Travel and Aviation Marketing
  8. Customer Service(Handling)
  9. Aviation Law and International Relations(EASA-IATA-UFTAA-ICAO-BSP)
  10. Accounting Principles
  11. Goods in Transport (Cargo)
  12. Airport Operation
  13. Air Fares – Ticketing,Reservation Systems (CRS,AMADEUS,SABRE)

Course Features

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