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Electrical Wiring Interconnection System – Target Group 4 & 5

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*All course modules need to be thoroughly studied and at the end of each module the “next lesson” or “complete” button needs to be clicked in order for the module to be registered as complete. The green progress bar at the top can serve as an indication of the progress made.

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Groups 4 and 5 have been merged to cover qualified staff performing general maintenance/inspections not involving wire maintenance (LRU change is not considered wire maintenance). They perform maintenance on aeroplanes that may require removal/reconnection of electrical connective devices (e.g. inspectors/technicians cat A or B1). The course also covers qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aeroplanes and are personnel who are authorised to design mechanical/structure, systems installations, modifications and repairs, or personnel who are authorised to plan maintenance tasks. (SMW/Mechanics)

Who should attend:

This training is targeted at each person who performs aeroplane maintenance or inspections on EWIS and/or structure in close proximity to EWIS.


Initial Training:

Initial training shall be conducted for each designated work group. The initial training for each designated work group is outlined in EWIS Minimum Initial Training Programme – Appendix A and B. Curriculum and Lesson Plans for each dedicated module are included in Appendix C.

Refresher Training:

Refresher training shall be conducted in a period  not exceeding two years. It could consist of a review of  previously covered material plus any new material or revisions to publications. Refresher training will follow  the EWIS Minimum Initial Training Programme – Appendix A or B for that particular target group.


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