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Total Quality Management in Aviation TQM

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ΩMEGA AVIATION ACADEMY as an Εducational Institution can provide Tutorial / Intensive  educational program, in  relation to Quality Assurance Management  to Total Quality Management (TQM) in Aviation, including cause- effect analysis and auditing, technical skills, elaboration, quality cost,  culture, και quality philosophy , having as a first priority to fulfill the ΥΠΑ requirements (as FSD/OPS/IB/8/2014 Revision 2/12-2-2016, primarily for Quality/Compliance Monitoring Managers).

The program introduces us to material for Business Operations Management and   Strategic Management, having as a second aim, to improve and ameliorate the adequacy as well as the efficiency of the most fully equipped employees in the Airline Industry leading to “Aviation Quality Assurance Management Certification’’   

Under these  circumstances the standards, (STDS ή Regulations),    are not covered from ”conformance’’  requisitions of product and service only. This is taken into consideration as fact. In nowadays, the target is these skills   to be intercommunicated to the upper level of an organisation’s administrators, as they refer to issues as management, leadership, context, performance, policy, strategies . The signification or the  translation of the upper definitions is not sufficient. The  ‘’commitment’’ of the organization administrators is no longer enough.

The course is aimed to

  • Accountable managers
  • Operations managers and professionals
  • Quality managers and staff
  • Individuals looking to enter a career in quality Assurance
  • Executives who want to upgrade their QA skills, understanding of modern quality management principles

At the end of attending this program the participants

– will be completely conversant in order to promote and  facilitate the development of the quality administration system procedure , for constant improvement (with TQM data), correspondence to regulation requirements and administration of the related auditing program.

– will be able to analyse the ambience of the company they work for, in order to  implement  the most suitable strategic plan, to form rational decisions , to form operational framework, to manage functionality issues, to create internal development, in order to increase the company’s value and break free far above the non local competitors. Special advantages that occur, for the attendants of the  ΩMEGA AVIATION ACADEMY experience

  • They partake of the knowledge about synchronous management in order to ameliorate constantly the quality handling system by TQM
  • The approximation of the quality handling system, presented has already successfully implemented in the airline industry
  • Guidelines for the data introduction by TQM to the quality manual of the enterprise, are given
  • The program is specialized, according to the different target groups of the enterprise (as customized).
  • Expatiation and experience implementation according to  STANDARDS (as ISO,AS,IATA/IOSA
  • Strategy management examples of the airline carrier with provision of analysis as (TREND, PESTLE, SWOT)
  • The program concerning the cognitive subject is introduced by the instructor (Mr Theodoros Panagiotopoulos),connoisseur of (MBA in TQM, IRCA Aerospace Quality Management Systems) Auditor CAA TYPE I, EASA B1/B2/C) and high experience (Investigation Director  CAA και CRS, Instructor and Quality Director in airline carriers)
  • And last but not least, it will severely limitate every manager’s problem. : ΄΄ He does not know what he does not know ΄΄ .

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