Power to Inspect Airline shall ensure that any person authorized by the HCAA is permitted at any time to board and fly in any airplane operated in accordance with an AOC issued by that HCAA and to enter and remain on the flight deck provided that the commander may refuse access to the flight deck if, in his opinion, the safety of the airplane would thereby be endangered.   HCAA has the Power:
  • HCAA reserves the right to inspect either by pre-programmed or inspection without any prior notice. In case that deficiency is found during the inspection, and depending on the severity of the defects, HCAA will issue finding form(s) to the operator specifying the ultimate time and procedures permitted to rectify these defects.
  • To assess the continued competence of the operator by inspection and monitoring of in sfra structure, Manuals, Training, Crew Records, Maintenance, Ramp, Equipment, Pre-flight preparation, Release of Flight / Dispatch, Dangerous goods, Compliance Monitoring System and results of operators audits.
  • HCAA may require the conduct of one or more demonstration flights, operated as if they were Commercial air transport flights.
  • Determines the adequacy relevance and consistency of the operator’s compliance with the requirements/regulations.
  • Assess the efficiency of operator’s interval and monitoring procedures and confirm the availability of sufficient resources and proper process as documented by operator’s Compliance Monitoring System and SMS.
  • Verify by means of inspection compliance with the requirements and the effectiveness of operator’s Compliance Monitoring System.
Production of Documentation and Records Airline shall: →   Give any person authorized by the Authority access to any documents and records which are related to flight operations, training or maintenance and →   Produce all such documents and records, when requested to do so by the Authority, within a reasonable period of time.
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