EASA Regulations about EWIS

Until about 2000. it was believed that aircraft wiring had the same life as the airframe. Following some incidents attributed to aged wiring failure , an FAA study published in 2008 identified several causes of wiring degradation during an aircraft’s service. FAA, followed by EASA decided ‘’ to improve …..the requirements for continued airworthiness in the field of electrical wiring interconnection systems …..since failures in those systems have been identified as causal factors in ….accidents involving large aeroplanes…..’’

  • ED 2008/007/R created 3 new *AMC (Acceptable Means of Compliance)
  • AMC 20-21, dealing with inspection procedures (e.g EZAP, GVI)
  • AMC 20-22, dealing with maintenance staff training
  • AMC 20-23, dealing with standardised documentation.

The EASA ‘’Code’’ is exactly the same as the FAA Airworthiness Circular AC 90-124.

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