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Ground Handling

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At Ωmega Aviation academy our air transportation management program provides students with the skills needed for leadership positions in a wide variety of technically related areas of the commercial aviation industry. Students learn about airport planning and general aviation operations management for air carriers and airports.


 The aircraft ground handling defines the servicing of an aircraft while it is on the ground and (usually) parked at a terminal gate of an airport. Though airlines compete for business through pricing, scheduling and service amenities, a passenger’s flight decision is also influenced by the actions of the airline and ground handler employees. In order, for aviation services staff to provide top-notch support, effective leaders must find ways to make certain these employees feel valuable in their roles. Adopting these critical traits for effective leadership is essential to the success of your aviation services team.


The holder of a diploma of this specialty:

Must know his team

Must share Control

Must be transparent and optimistic


  • Know adequately the English aviation terminology both in orally and in writing, as the main/official language of Air Transport Industry.
  • Present the operation of the airport and the methods for serving the aircraft during every stage of the operation.
  • Be familiar with the techniques for serving customers, for communicating, and for forwarding sales with an emphasis on the environment of the airport.
  • Describe the types of loads and the specificities thereof, the means for loading and unloading, the conditions and procedures for transporting them by air and the special conditions for transporting hazardous cargo.
  • Have an acquaintance with international organizations, international rules and agreements for air transport, along with aviation law.
  • Correlate the establishment and operation of the airport with its environmental impact.
  • Describe the ticket reservation systems, the method for specifying the price thereof and their issuance.
  • Summarize the basic principles of IT and the operation method of operating systems and office applications.
  • Present the safety rules of the airport and the measures from protecting it against illegal action.



  • Be able to communicate both orally and in writing in English.
  • Process, schedule, organise, and supervise the loading and unloading, along with the transport of the various types of cargo carried by air.
  • Monitor the revisions of the existing aviation legislation and remain up-to-date for the framework related to the introduction of new aviation rules and conventions.
  • Perform reservations and issue tickets inside and outside of the airport.
  • Serve aircraft passengers at the airport.
  • Operate a computer.
  • Belong to the operation of the airport and observe safety regulations.
  • Serve aircraft, the operation of the airport and of its runway.



  • Collaborate with others, inside and outside the airport.
  • Shows diligence when rendering administrative services, ground services, and supervision servers in the airport.
  • Independently serve passengers, issue ticket, manage loads, luggage and mail at the airport and in the runway.
  • Independently serve the aircraft, aircraft crew, the operation of the airport runway and the ground handling at the area of the apron and of the airport in general.


The holder of this specialisation certificate may work in the field of providing ground services.

A Vocational Training Diploma is recognized as a qualification for appointment in the public sector falling in the category S.E. (Secondary Education)

 Level of the certificate (national and international)

  • Level 5

Additional Information:

Entry Requirements:

Certificate of: Upper Secondary School:

1 semester -1 year (obligatory)

Total duration of the education / training leading to the certificate

5 semesters (1practical semester obligatory)

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