Ωmega Aviation Academy’s International Office focuses on supporting international students, helping them integrate in the Academy life and ensuring a pleasant and trouble-free stay in Greece.

The International Office advisors facilitate students with their applicationvisa and residence permit issuing process, handle all accommodation requests, and advise students on regulations, immigration and employment. The Office also coordinates numerous activities to promote intercultural awareness and to ensure that international students experience a smooth and a happy transition to their new environment. Read more about the Services & Benefits for international students.

The care and support offered by our International Office, upon your arrival at the Academy and throughout the course of your studies, ensures that you will feel like home and you can therefore focus on your academic performance and enjoy your student experience in Greece.

For further information please contact:

Ωmega Aviation Academy

International Office

International Student Support

We aim to ensure that your experience at Ωmega Aviation Academy of Athens is positive and valuable by providing our continuous support.  We offer ongoing assistance to students and encourage them to integrate with our current International Students as well as the wider community. You will have the opportunity to participate in the campus orientation designed for all new students giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the campus, staff and the student population.  Your feedback and recommendations are always welcome.

Students must complete their study obligations as indicated in the curriculum of their Program of Study.

If you are a non-EU citizen you are requested to apply for a student visa (national visa – type D) at your home Greek Embassy or Consulate.
Find here the Greek Embassy/Consulate in your country.

Table of Contents

If you are a non-EU citizen you are requested to apply for a student visa (national visa – type D) at your home Greek Embassy or Consulate. Find here the Greek Embassy/Consulate in your country.

Ensure that you contact your local Greek Embassy or Consulate for updated information and details on the student visa process and make your application in time (8-12 weeks prior to arrival).

Normally you will need the following documents:

  • Application form for a visa for a long stay in Greece, fully filled in and signed (Application form for a person under 18-years-old should be signed by both parents or by the legal guardian)
  • One recent passport-sized, color photograph
  • Passport that should:
    • be of a validity exceeding by three months the ending date of the visa length
    • have at least two blank pages
    • have been issued within the previous ten years
  • Criminal Record Certificate, recent and duly attested
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Travel medical insurance

Additional documents required:

  • Registration letter and fee payment (issued by Ωmega Aviation Academy)
  • Certificate by the Ministry of Education that Ωmega Aviation Academy holds a valid license and is registered in the relevant records Proof of adequate knowledge of the English language
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses, cost of study and repatriation (including eventual scholarship)


  • Original documents and passports submitted must be accompanied along with a copy
  • All documents submitted, if not in Greek or English, should be accompanied by an English translation
  • The applicant may be asked for additional documents and will be called to a personal interview at the Embassy/Consulate
  • The visa fee is not refunded if the visa is refused

There will be some time required to process your visa and this will depend on where you are making your application.

Visa Refusal

The Greek Consular Authority may refuse to issue a visa, if the requirements are not met and the necessary supporting documents are not filed, as provided by Greek national legislation. Although you’ll have the right to appeal against this decision, this will be a time-consuming and costly legal action before the competent administrative court and it is therefore not advised.

If you decide to cancel or defer your studies on the grounds of the visa rejection, you are eligible to apply for tuition fee refund of the amount you have paid to the Academy.  A non-refundable administration fee will be deducted (150 euros).

You must submit a written request for a refund via e-mail to the International Office along with the scanned Visa Rejection Letter from the Consulate Authority. In the event that the visa refusal was made on the basis of deception, Ωmega Aviation Academy reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse tuition fee refunds.

Residence Permit

Within 40 days after your arrival in Greece, you should apply for a residence permit with the Migration Department. The following documents are normally required:

  • Application Form for a Residence Permit
  • Medical Insurance Certificate, issued by a Greek medical insurance company
  • Medical certificate, issued by a Greek public hospital (CXR, Mantoux test)
  • Receipt of the Residence Permit Fee payment (payment is made at the City Hall)
  • Photo Copy of passport
  • Student’s registration letter confirming that the student is registered with Mediterranean Academy
  • Bank statement confirming that the student has sufficient amount of money in the bank account to cover the living expenses

The renewal of the permit is annual.

All students are assisted by the International Office for the issue and renewal of their residence permit.

  1. Apply & Pay the Application Fee (50/100 €)
  2. Receive & Accept your Offer
  3. Pay a Deposit & Receive your Registration Letter
  4. Apply for a Visa (for non-EU citizens)

If you wish to apply for admission, you should submit electronic copies of the following documents to the Ωmega Aviation Academy International Office:

  • Complete application form
  • Passport
  • High School Certificate and transcripts
  • English language certificate
  • One reference letter. Reference letter should be from people that can comment thoughtfully on your abilities. This may include current/former tutors or/and employers.
  • A passport – sized photo
  • Application fee deposit slip (50€ for undergraduate courses /100€ for postgraduate courses / non-refundable)

As soon as, we receive your application with all supporting documents and provided that, you satisfy the admission entry requirements for your chosen course, you will be sent an offer notification. You will be given a few days/ weeks to accept this offer and register with the Academy, by depositing 50% deposit on your annual fees, in case you need a student visa. The registration fee is deducted from your annual fees.

It is important that you meet the deadlines in order, to secure a place in the course and make sure there is time for the student visa procedures to be completed (for non-EU applicants).

Applications beyond the above deadlines are possible under certain conditions. Please contact the international office for further information.

Note that in case your visa is refused, you are eligible for a tuition fee refund (deducting a non-refundable administration fee of 400€).

The International Office


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